So people have been speculating on where the next BioShock game will take place, underground or in space. People discount space because the first "BioShock" game was "SystemShock" which was about space stations, technology, and alien mutant viruses, sort of like Dead Space 1 and 2. However, these pictures may be a hint towards a possible BioShock space game.

Below are photos taken from Tumblr gamer Fyeahbiggs. He has a PC and is able to "ghost" around areas on the map in videogames and takes screenshots. Apparently, this guy ghosted around the Sea of Doors area at the end of the game. As we all know now, the constants and variables of all universes is a "lighthouse" that takes the "man" to the "city". In the pictures are photos of what appear to be a station in the mountains, with a metal walk across the crevace to what appears to be a space observatory. This could possibly be a "lighthouse" that holds a "rocket ship" or transport of some kind. It looks very space-y to me. You be the judge of that. Is the next BioShock:[Redacted] taking place in the stars/moon?

Tumblr screenshot page:

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