Yesterday, Irrational Games talked in depth about the process of making BioShock Infinite in their panel "From Background To Center Stage: Building Game Worlds As Main Characters” at PAX East. You can see a full video of the panel at the G4TV website:

Bioshock Infinite Rails Demo at PAX East with Dev Commentary04:11

Bioshock Infinite Rails Demo at PAX East with Dev Commentary

A clip from the panel.

During the panel, Irrational Games discussed their inspirations for making Columbia and the Sky-Lines. They showed concept art from their first ideas of a floating city when the colors still resembled the dark, murky depths of BioShock. They also showed a video of an early prototype of the Sky-Lines (seen in the clip above).

You can see some still images from the panel's slideshow in the articles below:

Images from PAX East


Early concept art of Columbia.

  • Splicers:
    • A Splicer getting swag signed at the Irrational Games booth [4]
    • A Splicer w/ devil mask waiting as Irrational Games calls out raffle winners [5]
    • A female splicer [6]
    • A Toasty and Baby Jane Splicer duo [7]
  • A lucky winner with his new Splicer mask: [8]
  • Images from the Irrational Games party: [9] [10]


Check out the Irrational Games blog summaries of their panel and the PAX East experience:

G4TV has uploaded footage of their Feedback Live interview with Ken Levine at PAX East:

The Protector Trials

After a long period of waiting, 2K Games community manager Elizabeth Tobey has finally announced that the Protector Trials will be coming to the PC on March 14th- just a day away. After a long period of silence and false starts, this late warning is quite a surprise. As promised, the Protector Trials will be completely free for download. Tobey has also promised a small patch for some existing issues. Read the full details here: [11]

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