Irrational Games has published a new podcast on their website. In this episode they interview Brian Reynolds, who was influential in the making of many well known strategy games. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

The role of scientific research in creating games:

Ken Levine
When I tried to calculate in System Shock 2 how far that pod that got ejected in System Shock 1 with SHODAN could have ended up, I remember I went to the backyard of Looking Glass and I sat down with a calculator and a pen and my 11th grade math education, and guess how -you can- I was reeeally wrong apparently. Somebody wrote me eventually and said "dude, you have no fuckin' idea what you're talkin' about!" (laughs)
Chris Remo
Did you ever go on any deep sea diving forums and ask about the plausibility-?
Ken Levine
For BioShock? No, I think I knew enough about underwater cities, that probably it would not be a very useful (laughing) process. You know, once we started putting wood and tile and things like that down there, I knew I was probably on the wrong track.
Brian Reynolds
You didn't ask if a crossbow would rupture the side of the, uh- (laughing)?
Ken Levine
I didn't want to know the answer! Somebody once asked me from Wired, though, about the science of BioShock, and I don't think they realized that bees flying out of your arms are never going to happen no matter how much genetic splicing you actually do.

Other news

  • Ken Levine explained the difference between Plasmids and Vigors, Gene Tonics and Nostrums in an interview with MTV.
  • 2K Games promises to provide live streaming of developer interviews at E3.[1] Ken Levine's talk about BioShock Infinite will be streaming on Tuesday, June 7th: 6 PM – 6:30 PM PST on the 2K Games Live Ustream channel.

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