On Halloween, Irrational Games released a new edition of "Irrational Interviews" on their blog, this time with film director and producer Guillermo del Toro. BioShock fans may remember that del Torro was falsely rumored to be involved in production of a BioShock film back in 2008. In this interview, which is part one of a series, Ken Levine and del Toro discuss the differences and similarities between making good horror games and good horror movies.

Listen to the entire interview here: "Irrational Interviews 9: Guillermo del Toro, Part 1"

Interviews recently published a series of video interviews with Ken Levine and the voice actors of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. You can watch the interviews in their entirety here: "The Creative Voices Behind Bioshock Infinite" Below is an excerpt.

I am most unhappy when I'm writing, because I hate every single word that I write, with a very rare exception. Andrew Ryan was the easiest character I ever wrote because, well, firstly because you have a real basis. You just have to read Rand's writing and you can get a real sense of the cadence of that character. But usually it's torture, and I'm just really miserable and critical of myself, and I hate everything I write. And I'm sure a lot of writers have that experience.

... I did a ton of writing on Wednesday, and I chose one line to read to my wife because I was super proud of it. I loved this line. And I went into a recording session with Troy and Courtney [the voice actors of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth], and I just couldn't wait for this line to come around, and Troy read it, and it went thud. And it was not Troy's fault, it was the line's fault. It was great on paper- the worst line of the day. Absolutely did not work remotely, and it was the only line I felt was gonna be a sure fire hit.

And that's the thing, when the rubber meets the road you have to be willing to be a critic of your own work.

—Ken Levine

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