In case you didn't know, the Irrational Games website has been keeping up a steady stream of "Ten Things You Need To Know About BioShock Infinite." This really boils down to "10 things that were already explained in interviews which you might have missed." Chris Remo updates daily with a new BioShock Infinite factotum for anyone who hasn't already been eagerly poring over every news article since the game was announced.

GameInformer updates

In other news, GameInformer just unveiled a shiny new batch of Columbia propaganda posters! In startlingly high resolution! I can't wait to make one of these my desktop wallpaper. Although this one probably would not qualify as "safe for work"...


GameInformer also published a video with Irrational Games in which they discuss the Infinite themed covers: "GI And Irrational Talk Bioshock Infinite Covers"

Early gameplay footage?

Another reason to rejoice: If you just can't wait for the first gameplay demonstration video of BioShock Infinite to be released on September 21, you can get your fix early this Friday on Spike's GameTrailers TV. Or at least, that's what this twitter post says.

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