Below is a summary of BioShock related news since the PAX Prime BioShock Infinite panel.

More about the BioShock Infinite actors

  • MSNBC produced a video about the BioShock Infinite actors. It doesn't contain any new information, but it does reveal a few prevoiusly unseen clips of an interview with Courtnee Draper, Troy Baker, and Ken Levine: "The 'BioShock Infinite' actors behind the heroes"

Question: It's interesting because you have Booker, a man who is probably more used to violence by virtue of his past than Elizabeth is. But Elizabeth is more capable of destruction on a bigger scale by virtue of her powers. And that's something that I guess Troy and Courtnee had to figure out how to embody as well. Did you help them in that regard? Like what kind of backstory or watch-words did you tell them to help them get into character?

Ken Levine:

I think they were able to intuit it very easily. They both have sort of a background in this. It's interesting, because Courtnee actually was doing, I think the term is "scratch work," on "Tangled." Before they put Mandy Moore in there, when they were developing that movie, she was playing the part for a very long time; for a period of years is my understanding. So, in terms of the characters of Rapunzel and Elizabeth--who both happen to be young women trapped in towers and watching the world from the inside out--I think she had a connection to that already. A heroine who has innate powers and was unable to really express her identity, I think she had an understanding of that. I think Troy being a fan of nerd culture, and he definitely understands the private detective archetype.

Question: One of the things I also thought while watching Troy talking about Booker as he was portraying it, was that he used the word "scared" a lot. Generally, that's not something that fictional heroes are supposed to be. They're supposed to be kind of steely and grim and determined. And if they have any fear, you're not supposed to let it show. Was that a conscious decision on your part to make Booker a little scared?

Ken Levine:

I think Booker goes into this experience thinking that, like every other experience he's had, he's sort of seen it all. And then comes the flash-forward scene where he glimpses those 1980s buildings in that time-space tear that Elizabeth creates in. Remember, he's a guy that was born in the Nineteenth Century. I think encountering what he encountered there that's got to give a guy, even one as rough and tumble as Booker, pause.

He's encountering things he never contemplated before. Yeah, he's been in a gunfight before, he's seen violence before. He's not seen anything with Elizabeth before. And that throws him off his game. Elizabeth throws him off his game, not just her powers. Elizabeth is not a person who's been out in the world. She is a person who is kind of nouveau.

Everything is new to her. Everything is fresher. She doesn't bring the same cynicism that Booker comes to expect out of people. So she definitely, in every way between her personality and her powers, throws him off his game. And we're hoping that the same thing happens with the players, too. That--through Troy and Courtnee's performances and the design of the game--we defy some of the expectations that people might have of BioShock Infinite.

Ken Levine answers questions in tweets

On his Twitter account, Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine sometimes answers questions about the BioShock games.

RT @VLVX: @IGLevine who voiced Jack btw? Nate Wells, art director on Infinite.


RT @Roxxestar: @IGLevine Like with the Circus of Values, can we hear Mr.Levine in Infinite ? -----Signs point to yes.


RT @Rtroock: @IGLevine does Irrational use 3ds max or Maya for 3D modeling? -----Max and macpaint.


[Replying to the question "which ayn rand book is bioshock based on? fountainhead or atlas shrugged?"]
@desireeloscalzo it's a gestalt, but shrugged has two advantages: shorter and more entertaining.



RT @Hoschimensch: @IGLevine Does Bioshock: Infinite have audiologs like the first two games?All signs point to yes.


Fan creations

  • produces a Plasmid themed T-Shirt: [6]
  • A Hungarian fan of BioShock creates an inspired case mod: [7]
  • Check out Irrational Games' flickr gallery of BioShock cosplay images from the Dragon Con photoshoot: [8]

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