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  • Gardimuer

    Irrational Games just opened the store section of their official website. There you can preorder BioShock Infinite or get other swag, such as T-Shirts, posters and figurines related to the BioShock series.

    It looks like they've also published a promotional code for the store launch which will expire on June 5th.

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  • Gardimuer

    Steve Gaynor, the Lead Designer of the Minerva's Den DLC, recently founded a new independent game company with two other members of the Minerva's Den development team, Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja.

    Their new studio, The Fullbright Company has a lightbulb in its logo, for obvious reasons. I'm pretty sure that the name of the company came from Steve Gaynor's own personal blog that he maintained since 2006:

    The new company's website mentions some interesting things about why they chose to go independent and what their plans are:

    Personally, I'm very interested to see what they will make. My dream is that they might make a cyberpunk themed game with inspiration from the things that Steve Gaynor has been…

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  • Gardimuer

    The past few weeks have been a busy time for BioShock Infinite news, with many gaming news sites announcing Infinite in their "most anticipated" lists. Below are some highlights of major news related to the game.

    Following up on their promise to explain the newly announced "1999 Mode", Irrational Games answered selected questions from fans in their blog. Check out the full articles for more details.

    In response to questions of how the game mode would be available, Irrational Games had this to say:

    Ken Levine also elaborated on that subject in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun:

    In an interview with G4TV, Irrational's design director Bill Gardner had some interesting things to say about how "respawning" would work in BioShock Infinite:

    • Irrational …

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  • Gardimuer

    1999 Game Mode Announced

    January 20, 2012 by Gardimuer

    Today Irrational Games announced their plans for a unique game mode for BioShock Infinite that would harken back to their action RPG roots in System Shock 2.

    Dubbed "1999 Mode" (a reference to the 1999 release date of System Shock 2), this game mode won't just give the player less HP or make enemies more deadly; it will require the player to make tactical choices that have permanent effects on gameplay. This is an obvious departure from the Gene Tonic and Plasmid system in BioShock which allowed players to switch out their specializations at any time.

    Irrational says that they decided to make this optional game mode after examining the results of a survey of gamers on their site in December.

    Irrational Games is currently fielding questions from th…

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  • Gardimuer

    Here's some holiday news to raise gamers' spirits: BioShock 2 will finally be released on the Mac OS X in January of 2012.

    The port has been handled by Feral Interactive, the same studio that was responsible for the Mac port of the first BioShock. Mac gamers can pre-order a boxed version of the game from the Feral Interactive store for $35.00. Other online stores (including Gamersgate, and Direct2Drive) will offer BioShock with BioShock 2 as a bundle deal.

    In a deep interview with Gamers Notes, Ken Levine talked about his life growing up as a geek and what led him to the games industry.

    Now Gamer quizzed Levine about the kinds of choices that would be available in BioShock Infinite:

    Access TV also interviewed Levine. In the interview, Levi…

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