Winter Blast

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Winter Blast is designed to make headshots easier, hacking simpler, and overall let the player spend most of their time in Rapture not dead. Enjoy my plasmid.


This plasmid slows somone down for a couple of seconds. At level 1, you only see ice when you cast. At level 2 your hand is frozen and small icicles are coming off your knuckles. At level 3 your entire arm from the elbow up is frozen, you have inch-long ice spikes coming off your knuckles, and your finger tips are emitting mist.



Do I really need to keep writing that it is the basic version?

Upgrade A

PushOver: Using the plasmid at melee range on a medium level Splicer or below causes you to put your hand on them and push them over. As they are falling, they freeze mid-air and shatter when they hit the floor.

Upgrade B

Icy Geyser: Charging the plasmid lets you cast Winter Blast with splash damage.

Upgrade 1

Cryogenic Mine: Charging the plasmid lets you throw blob of fire that sticks to the scenery that explodes with great force when an enemy walks past.

Upgrade 2

Cracked Ice: Freezing a Splicer in water traps them until you kill them, and freezes any other Splicers in it.

Upgrade 3

Arctic Wind: Allows you to cast the plasmid continuously

Upgrade 4

Ice Cubed: Casts encase people in ice cubes, completely immobilizing them.

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