This is my first original plasmid, and for inspiration, I googled "50s Ray Guns." One thing led to another, and this is what I came up with.


Over time, the plasmid can be upgraded to do different things, but the original version turns splicers (no effect on Big Daddies, Big Sisters, or Sentinels) into stone for several seconds, making them easier to kill. At any level, when an enemy is affected by this plasmid, they are enveloped by a puff of smoke and emerge transmogrified. At level 1, your hand turns white, like a magician's glove. At level 2, your arm is covered in a semi-transparent hologram of a tuxedo sleeve. At level 3, when you take your hand off your weapon to cast, a semi-transparent hologram of a wand appears in your hand, and disappears when you grab your weapon. You twirl this "wand" in the air when charging.



The Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Skilled Magician: You can now use the plasmid on all enemies. Larger enemies use up more EVE.

Upgrade B

The Switcharoo: Charging the plasmid turns a splicer temporarily into a random turret.

Upgrade 1

Magic Store: Charging and casting on a vending machine brings up a menu, allowing you to change what type of machine it is.

Upgrade 2

Saw 'em Half: Charging the plasmid and casting it at a splicer splicer creates a duplicate who will fight for you.

Upgrade 3

Rabbit in the Hat: Charging the plasmid turns a splicer into a Wheel Bot.

Upgrade 4

Dove in Your Sleeve: Charging the plasmid turns a splicer into a Fly Bot.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I like hearing what you think.

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