An interesting plasmid, this is not a direct attack plasmid, but is for redirecting an enemy's attacks back at him. It can also be used for grabbing things.

Telekinesis Slide 3


It really doesn't change in its basic performance from other games, as the developers had it nailed down fro the original.At level 1, there is no effect. At level 2, you will ocasionally see a spark of light in his palm. At level 3, you can see a little whirlwind of psychic energy in his hand.



The Original Version.

Upgrade A

Shockwave: Charging the plasmid releases a blast of psychic energy, knocking back anyone in front of you.

Upgrade B

Almighty Mind: You can pick up heavier objects and throw things with more force.

Upgrade 1

Zero G: Charging the plasmid causes all the enemies in front of you to suddenly float helpless in the air.

Upgrade 2

Betrayal: Charging the plasmid causes the enemy you're pointing at's weapon to jump out of his/her hands and attack until they're dead, or you run out of EVE. No effect on armoured enemies.

Upgrade 3

Gravitational Collapse: Charging the plasmid, you pull everything in the area towards you, and release it in an explosion, dealing damage to everyone in front of you.

Upgrade 4

Splicer Catapult: Allows you to pick up live enemies.

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