Story Part 1

The year is 1972. You are a Thuggish Splicer named Sammy. Nothing more. But I'll get to that later.

In the year 1968, when Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb escaped, the bombs Sofia activated malfunctioned. Instead of dropping all of Persephone into the trench, it only destroyed about 84%. While most of the residents immediately drowned or imploded from the water pressure, a few survived. They were mistakes caused when Ryan Industries attempted to continue making Plasmids, Gene Tonics, and ADAM. They tried to make a water breathing Plasmid so that they could build faster, more agile Big Daddies without sacr
Aqua splicer 04
ificing strength or durability. The end result is 15 semi-aquatic nasties with a tremendous hunger for ADAM and the ability to vampirically drain it from others. Back to the 1968, these creatures, dubbed Aqua Splicers, escaped and went down to the bottom of the trench where they discovered an entire supercolony of ADAM slugs. After a month and a half of drinking in ADAM day in and day out, seven were left, and were barely the same species that they were when they left. The new creatures not only had an enormous amount of Psychokinetic power, which resulted in the abilities to control, read, and effect minds, but they were also extreme geniuses. Physically, they were little more than giant brains with fins and 6 eyes growing in a hexagonal formation in the frontal lobe. Floating back up to Rapture, they used their near godlike telekinetic abilities to kill a couple of bouncers and modify their suits. Reentering Rapture, they used their powers, to quickly subjugate the populace, and after they became the rulers of Rapture, they took a new name for themselves. BRAINIACS.

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