Security Command

I really liked this plasmid, except it doesn't give you the level of control over the security system it should. Here is my version.

Security bullseye


The basic version, when cast on an enemy, makes them the nemesis of any machines it comes within detecting distance of. At level 1, you throw a glowing blue polyp. At level 2, you throw a brighter glowing blue polyp. At level 3, you cast a blast of blue light at the enemy.



The Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Alarmist: Hitting an enemy creates an alarm focused on them.

Upgrade B

Upgrade: Hitting a machine heals it and grants a temporary boost to damage and speed.

Upgrade 1

Spotlight: Continuously casting the plasmid on an enemy causes more and more fly bots and wheel bots to attack. For use against Big Sisters, Big Daddies, and Sentinels.

Upgrade 2

OH CRAP!: Charging up on an enemy summons a Mega-Bot. You need a full EVE bar to cast this, and it uses up the entire EVE bar.

Upgrade 3

Tiger Pit: Charging up allows you to cast a special blast that freezes an enemy in place while he is attacked by security.

Upgrade 4

Tripwire: Charging up allows you to throw a grenade that sticks to the scenery. When it explodes, it summons a bunch of bots to kill anything affected.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I like hearing what you think.

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