This plasmid was introduced in Bioshock 2, but was ultimately an irritating waste of potential.


This Plasmid allows you to seperate from your body and invisibly stalk ahead, ruining ambushes and setting traps. At Level 1, your arm and body are unaffected. At Level 2, your arm occasionally takes on a ghostly appearance. At Level 3, your Scout arm slides out of your arm like an afterimage whenever you move.



Basic Version

Upgrade A

Possession: Allows you to take control of organic enemies, granting them a bonus: 

  • Thuggish Splicer: Charge Attack
  • Leadhead Splicer: Dual Wielding
  • Plasmid Splicer: Triple Damage
  • Nitro Splicer: Cluster Bombs
  • Brute Splicer: Ability to pick up and throw around other splicers.

Upgrade B

Poltergeist: Allows you to cast plasmids until you run out of EVE, rather than be restricted to three casts.

Upgrade 1

Software Synergy: Allows you to take control of Robots, granting them a bonus:

  • Camera: Allows you to control where the spotlight is aimed, and summon elite swarms of security bots.
  • FlyBot: Faster movement, and the world appears to be slowed down.
  • WheelBot: More damage, and all the enemies are highlighted.
  • Turret: Can see and shoot enemies through walls.
  • Sentinel: When controlling a Sentinel, anybody you attack is marked as a permanent enemy to all Sentinels.

Upgrade 2

Armored Wraith: Allows you to take control of Big Daddies, granting them a bonus:

  • Bouncer: Invincibility
  • Rosie: Rivets explode
  • Rumbler: Ability to produce FlyBots that will self destruct after you have returned to your body.
  • Lancer: Laser disintegrates people.
  • Warlock: Allows you to dual wield combined plasmids

Upgrade 3

Fearful Aura: Your presence causes splicers to freak out and attack each other.

Upgrade 4

Ghostly Shell: Your body becomes invisible and intagible when you cast the Plasmid, keeping it safe even in the middle of battle.

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