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To be honest, I always hated the pistol, but I understand that lots of people like the pistol-type weapon, so I decided not to omit it from my sequel. Enjoy


It is a revolver.


  • Standard Rounds: Does decent damage, has good range. You can hold 48 rounds.
  • Incendiary Rounds: These do little damage at first, but light them on fire. You can hold 24 rounds.
  • Poison Rounds: These poison an enemy, doing continuous damage for a few seconds. You can hold 24 rounds.



Basic version.

Upgrade A

Bayonet: Doubles quick melee attack damage

Upgrade B

Scope: Allows for more accurate aiming.

Upgrade 1

MicroExplosives: Bullets explode when they hit enemies, stunning them momentarily.

Upgrade 2

Ammo Upgrade: All ammo changes.

  • Standard Rounds become Boom Rounds: These explode inside an enemy.
  • Incindiary Rounds become Phosphourus Rounds: Anyone shot withthis is set on fire permanently,or until they run into water.
  • Poison Rounds become Plague Rounds: Poison duration is doubled, and any splicers that get too close are infected, causing them to get poisoned to. This can spread indefinetly.

Upgrade 3

Pressure Chamber: Holding down the trigger doubles the initial damage.

Upgrade 4

Homing Device: Allows you to guide bullets into your enemies. (Ex: HeadHunter->Bulletstorm.)

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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