Reactive Knuckles

This melee weapon is the first weapon everyone gets in a Bioshock game, so I decided to start with this. I wanted to make something that caught a little bit of the awesomeness of the Drill, but at a size usable to humans. One idea I had was a chainsaw, but that seemed too predictable. Another was a jackhammer, but that seemed too big. That's when I thought of spiked knuckles, and it seemed like a fit. So then I thought of what I could do to make them better, and I came to an interesting conclusion.


Think of a set of spiked knuckles, but with bullets instead of spikes. Now, put a little button on the side of it that would allow you to fire the four bullets on your knuckles. Hyper short range, to use this you have to make contact on the punch otherwise you dont fire them.


  • Machine Gun Bullets: The main bullets attached to the front of the knuckles. Reload time takes 3 seconds. You can carry 10 reloads of bullets.
  • Incendiary Rounds: Lights Splicers on fire. Heats up armored enemies, causing erratic movements, confusion, temporary loss of damage resistance. You can carry 7 reloads of bullets.
  • Trap Rounds: Kills Splicers instantly, then when another Splicer walks past the corpse, it explodes doing serious damage.You can carry 7 reloads of bullets.


In my games, upgrades work by a simple tree: Original is available from the start, from there you upgrade to Versions A or B. If you pick A you gain access to Upgrades 1 and 2. If you pick B you gain access to Upgrades 3 and 4.


The basic version is available form the start. Press the B button to just do a quick punch. Press Right Trigger to fire the bullets on the knuckles.

Upgrade A

Dual Wield: Gives you a second set of spiked knuckles(sorry, no bullets), doubling the damage and the speed of your attacks.

Upgrade B

Bladed Knuckles: This upgrade adds a dagger to the weapon, tripling your melee (B button) damage.

Upgrade 1

Improved Propulsion: Allows you to fire the bullets at short range (about 6 feet).

Upgrade 2

Micro Explosives: Quadruples damage done by bullets.

Upgrade 3

Electric Dagger: Random Chance of electric stun caused by melee.

Upgrade 4

Reactive Sword: Gives additional reach and doubles damage.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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