Rail Gun

Time for the Sniper weapon. This device is designed to send a spear (I find the thing where spears stick someone to the wall interesting) a long distance and score a direct hit.


The gun looks like a long half tube with two thin bars in it that electricity will jump accross every couple of seconds. Reload takes a couple of seconds. When you fire the gun,a weird warping effect appears over the spear and it shoots forward with a slight arc. The spears can pin them to the wall.


  • Spear: Deals decent damage. You can hold 25 spears.
  • Shrapnel Spears: When they lodge in their target, they explode killing them and doing damage to others around them. You can hold 15 spears
  • Electric Spears: Designed for armored enemies, these types of spears will fry them alive. You can hold 15 spears



The Original Version.

Upgrade A

Second Row: A second row of Magnetic Accelerator bars doubles damage.

Upgrade B

Scope: Improves accuracy.

Upgrade 1

Magnetic Spillofff: Spears will mildly change direction to hit armored enemies.

Upgrade 2

Improved Energy Source: Headshots will ALWAYS kill a unarmored enemy.

Upgrade 3

Stronger Magnetics: Doubles range, removes travel time.

Upgrade 4

Magnetic Realigner: Removes arc

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