Plasmid Splicers

One of the things I knew a third game in Rapture would need is repopulation. Without new Splicers, Jack and Delta's romps through Rapture would leave it empty. That is where I came up for the idea of Splicer children, that you will encounter throughout Rapture. Along with this is the fact that any baby that comes from a Splicer would be pretty f$cked up looking, and would probably have much more Plasmid affinity than their parents, and that is where these things came from. So here are those unfortunate creatures we would call children, if not for all the ADAM. Most of them are about 8 years old, but look like adults due to accelerated aging. Also, unless I actually describe a different method of casting, just assume they cast their plasmid the same way as you do.

Research Bonuses

  • Level 1: Soul of Fire Gene Tonic
  • Level 2: Electric Skin Gene Tonic
  • Level 3: Elemental Sponge Gene Tonic
  • Level 4: Icy Veins Gene Tonic
  • Level 5: Triple Plasmid Damage

Electrician - Electro Bolt

Looks kind of weird, because it has no skin and a freakishly elongated right arm with sparks of electricity jumping between its foot long fingers.

Griller - Incinerate!

Scarred and burnt looking with a mouth like a Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2 that it uses to spit fireballs and vomit magma.  

Snow Man - Winter Blast

This type of Splicer looks highly frost bitten, with sections of these things looking like they have icy armor.

Psychic - Telekinesis

These have crackling white energy coming out of their eyes, and their skin is scarred, patchy, and glows faintly.

BeeKeeper - Insect Swarm

Covered in hives, boils, and wierd swellings, this type of Splicer has bees coming out of orifices on the arms, chest, and legs, which suddely swarm out when he attacks.

Security Commando - Security Command

This type of Splicer has a patch of skin growing over its eyes, and uses a personal guard of 3 FlyBots that they use to see and attack. If you kill or hack their bots, they start blindly wandering around. If you kill him, the bots randomly go berzerk, deactivate, or self-destruct.

Houdini - Teleport

These are kind of smoking and staticy at the edges. Unlike Houdinis from previous games, these just teleport around and shoot at you with pistols.

Grenadier - Shockwave

These have a large left hand and something like a tiny hurricane of psychic energy spinning in it.

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