Nitro Splicer

The nitro splicer was omitted from Bioshock 2, and I missed them. These splicers are easy to redirect attacks on other splicers. My only qualm was the fact that you had to have Telekinesis equipped the entire fight. Anyway, here's the nitro splicer.

Bioshock Nitro Splicer


  • Level 1: Increases Damage Done With Explosives
  • Level 2: 15% Chance An Enemy Explosive Will Be A Dud
  • Level 3: 25% Chance An Enemy Explosive Will Be A Dud
  • Level 4: 35% Chance An Enemy Explosive Will Be A Dud
  • Level 5: Short Fuse Gene Tonic

Types of Grenades

Frag Grenades

These are just frag grenades, like the ones from Bioshock.

Incendiary Grenades

These are special grenades that do very little damage at first, but do progressively more damage over time. To extinguish the flames, run through water or wait 10 seconds.

Proximity Mines

These throw proximity grenades like yours.


Frag Grenades Become Thunder Grenades

These grenades explode with lightning infused shrapnel, doing both Physical and Elemental damage.

Incendiary Grenades Become Phosphorus Grenades

These grenades do double damage, and the phosphorus sticks to the scenery for a 10 seconds.

Proximity Mines Become Stun Mines

If the mines don't kill, they stun you for 10 seconds

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