This a special device, essentially the security version of a SWAT unit. It is also comepletely unhackable. Sorry.

Research Bonuses

  • Level 1: Increased Melee Damage
  • Level 2: + Damage to Mega-Bots
  • Level 3: Increased Melee Damage
  • Level 4: + Damage to Mega-Bots
  • Level 5: Reactive Armor Gene Tonic Gene Tonic


This type of bot looks like the picture, except the bot is man-sized and isn't covered in barnacles and rust. Also, instead of a porthole, it has a thing that looks kind of like a camera lense.




The robot goes on a charge, smashing anybody in its way. The farther away it is when it starts, the more damage it does when it hits.

Missile Barrage

The robot fires a 12 rockets at an enemy at the same time.


He punches you. Kinda self explanitory.


He punches the floor, throwing you back and stunning you.

Poison Gas

If you go behind cover, he fires off a salvo of grenades that dispense poisonous gas that will kill you in 10 seconds of direct exposure.

Death Ray

The Mega-Bot's ultimate wepon. For him to use it, first you must reduce him to 1/4 of his health. Second, his "eye" will glow brightly. After 3 seconds of charging up, he will begin to fire the Death Ray. Just touching this laser will kill you.

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