Ion Rifle

I wanted to do something new for the Bioshock series, so I decided to make a human sized laser weapon. This device was built for their Sentinels by the Brainiacs (explained when I decide to write the plot page) and as such, is better than those 18 year old Tommy Guns that the Splicers are still carting around.


Think of the Ion Laser, only about the size of the shotgun from the original Bioshock, make it a bit thinner, and make the laser in the glass tube thing a bit brighter and changes colors with ammo type. If you shoot your target in the face, they are blinded for 5 seconds. It has a clip of 150 Cells and uses 10 cells a second.


  • Energy Cells: Emits basic laser that does moderate damage. Red. You can hold 450 cells.
  • Piercer Cells: Can go through multiple enemies. Green. You can hold 300 cells.
  • Fryer Cells: Triple damage against armored enemies but shorter range. Purple. You can hold 300 cells.



Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Power Saver: Allows you to fire only 5 cells per second.

Upgrade B

Enhanced Crystal: Doubles the damage.

Upgrade 1

Tracking Chip: Once firing on a enemy, your reticle lock on until either the enemy is dead, you have to reload, or you move the reticle with the Right Stick.

Upgrade 2

Hypnotic Lights: Shooting Splicers in the face drives them crazy (HAHAHA), causing them to attack other Splicers in the area for 10 seconds.

Upgrade 3

Photon Exciter: Gives the laser knockback capability.

Upgrade 4

Laser Intesifier: 5 seconds of lasering lights Splicer on fire, 8 seconds of lasering on an armored enemy will give them the same effects as the Incendiary Rounds on the Reactive Knuckles.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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