Incinerate! Slide 3
This plasmids primary use is to distract an enemy while dealing decent damage. I hope you like it.


This plasmid freaks someone out, does moderate damage, and the effects can be removed prematurely by jumping into water. At level 1, you only see fire when you cast. At level 2 your skin glows faintly red and your arm is smoking. At level 3 your arm occasionally explodes into flame.



The Original Version.

Upgrade A

Cremation: Using the plasmid at melee range causes you to put your hand on them and burn a medium level Splicer like that unfortunate man in the picture in the picture.

Upgrade B

Blaze Grenade: Charging the plasmid lets you cast the plasmid with splash damage.

Upgrade 1

Solar Storm: Charging the plasmid causes you to explode into flame, burning everything within a 10 foot radius.

Upgrade 2

Incendiary Mine: Charging the plasmid lets you throw blob of fire that sticks to the scenery that explodes with great force when an enemy walks past.

Upgrade 3

Fire Hose: Allows you to fire the plasmid continuously.

Upgrade 4

Highway to Hell: Charging the plasmid causes you to run at the enemy, if you impact you set them at fire until they die.

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