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The hacking weapon. Not for direct combat, this device is supposed to allow you to hack at a distance, and at this the hack tool was great. However, I had two main qualms. The first one is the fact the game kept going as you hacked. Having to dodge grenades and bullets while trying to hit the blue zone made me so angry, I actually attacked the TV numerous times. The other thing was the fact you couldn't upgrade it. The only way to improve it was with gene tonics, which meant you couldn't splice in more combat gene tonics. So here is my Hack Remote.


Think of the remote in the picture, only with three buttons at the top, one Green, one Blue, one Purple. Put a small number pad in the middle (for the actual hacking). At the bottom is a slot for putting in Charges. The hacking is basically the same as in Bioshock 2, except it takes place while paused, and is a bit bigger.


  • Hack Connection: Allows you to hack at a distance. Limitless ammo.
  • Auto-Hack Charge: Use on a machine instantly hacks it. You can hold 15 charges.
  • Restock Charge: For use on vending machines. Makes it so that the vending machine has every type of purchasable you could get from its type of machine. Harder to use. You can hold 7 Charges.



The Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Bonus Boost: If you get a Blue bonus, you get twice the reward.

Upgrade B

Fire Wall Suppressor: You skip half the rounds in a hack.

Upgrade 1

Vending Expert: You get 75% off at any hacked vending machine.

Upgrade 2

Security Expert: All hacked security does 75% bonus damage.

Upgrade 3

Advanced Intelligence: All hacking stays at medium level.

Upgrade 4

Bot Daddy: You can have up to five FlyBots or WheelBots at a time, an upgrade to the maximum of 3.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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