Gravity Well

This Plasmid was introduced in Minervas Den. I never got to play with it myself, but I undrstand how it works.


This Plasmid allows you to produce a black hole, pulling all enemeis and loose objects in the area into a single point. At Level 1 there is no effect. At Level 2, charging up creates a distorted, warping effect in your palm. At level 3, charging up creates a stronger distortion, overcharging creates a black hole in your palm, blurring, distorting, and draining the color from the world around your hand.



The Basic Version

Upgrade A

Time Warp: Charging up allows you to warp an enemy in time, slowing them down. Basic cast grows stronger.

Upgrade B

Nullifying Field: Charging up lets you nullify gravity in front of you, lifting splicers off the ground. Basic cast grows stronger.

Upgrade 1

TimeLock: Overcharging lets you stop an enemy completly.

Upgrade 2

Time Field: Overcharging lets you slow down time in an area.

Upgrade 3

Reverse: Overcharging lets you reverse gravity in an area, doing damage when they hit the ceiling, and again when they hit the ground. Basic cast grows stronger.

Upgrade 4

Crushing Weight: Overcharging lets you increase gravity in an area, doing damage and making it impossible to throw things at you. Larger Enemies and Big Daddies aren't stopped, but take more damage. Basic cast grows stronger.

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