Gene Tonics

I don't know all the Gene Tonics I will add yet, so I will put them up later. Check back often as I will add them as I am making them up. Also, unless specified, any tonic with multiple levels are stackable.

Gene Tonics - Research

  • Thuggish Splicer - Cheating Boxer: Increases Reactive Knuckles speed.
  • Leadhead Splicer - HeadHunter: Increases headshot damage.
  • Plasmid Splicer - Soul of Fire: You take less damage from fire and deal more when you use it.
  • Plasmid Splicer - Electric Skin: You take less damage from electricity and deal more when you use it.
  • Plasmid Splicer - Icy Veins: You take less damage from ice and deal more when you use it.
  • Plasmid Splicer - Elemental Storm - Getting hit by melee attacks causes you to randomly emit Electricity, Fire, or Ice.
  • Nitro Splicer - Short Fuse - You no longer get damaged by your own explosives.
  • Sentinel - Basic Training - You run, reload, and shoot faster.
  • Assassin - Dark Vision - Allows you to see Assassins when they're cloaked.

Gene Tonics - Combat

  • Freezing Fist: You freeze people for longer, and all knuckle attacks have the chance to freeze the target.
  • Thunder Fist: You shock people for longer, and all knuckle attacks have the chance to shock the target.
  • Flaming Fist: You burn people for longer, and all knuckle attacks have the chance to burn the target.
  • Magician's Fist: The quick Knuckle melee attack turns a splicer's melee weapons into rubber chickens and their guns into BB Guns, reducing damage by half. Splicers with no weapons are unaffected.
  • Telekinetic Fist: Quick Knuckle melee gains a knockback anbd stagger effect.
  • Alarming Fist: Quick knuckle melee has a chance to start on alarm focused on said quick melee victim.
  • Holographic Fist: Occasionally, after quick Knuckle meleeing someone, a hologram of you will appear behind them and shoot them in the back.

(Note: Multiple "fist" tonics cannot be equipped at the same time.)

  • Thick Skulled: Renders you immune to headshots.
  • War Lord: Allows you to dual wield weapons. While you have two weapons euipped, both weapons do increased damage.
  • Sorcerer: Allows you to dual wield plasmids. While you have two plasmids equipped, both plasmids use less EVE.

Gene Tonics - Health and Safety

  • EVE Saver 1,2: Plasmids use less EVE.
  • Armored Shell 1,2,3: Heightens your damage threshold.
  • Sports Boost 1,2,3: Makes you run and reload faster.
  • Chameleon: Standing still, you slowly fade away.
  • Stalker: Muffles your footsteps.

Gene Tonics - Man Over Machine

  • Hacker Extraordinaire: All blue bonuses are doubled.
  • Mechanic: Allows you to repair friendly security devices, no EVE cost.
  • Resourceful: 25% chance to not use a hack charge.

Gene Tonics - Omitted

  • Fountain of Youth

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