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The first Plasmid you get in every game, I decided to do this Plasmid first. In my game, I have decided to use my favorite method of Plasmid use, the one in Bioshock 2 Multiplayer. In my game, when you click the Left Trigger, you take your hand off your weapon,fire the Plasmid, and then put it back on your weapon. The Upgrade Tree will be the same as the weapons.


This Plasmid lets you stun somone for a couple of seconds, do light damage, and kill someone in water. At level one you only see electricity when you fire. At level 2 you see small bolts of electricity jumping between your fingers. At level 3 you can see lightning under your skin.



The Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Deadly Touch: Using the plasmid at melee range causes you to put your hand on them and fry a medium level Splicer like a bug.

Upgrade B

Kilowatt Grenade: Charging up the plasmid allows it to have a splash effect.

Upgrade 1

Thunder Shock: Electro Bolt has knockback ability.

Upgrade 2

Nerve Shock: Electro Bolt damages the nerves of an enemy permanently, degrading their aim, slowing their movements, and .

Upgrade 3

Tesla Storm: Clicking left trigger causes splash effect. Allows you to fire the plasmid continuously.

Upgrade 4

Kilowatt Mine: Clicking left trigger causes splash effect. Charging it up allows you to throw a ball of electricity that sticks to the scenery, exploding with tremendous force when someone walks past.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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