Here it is.


The basic version makes a hologram of you at a selected location, drawing fire away and working as a lure for traps. At level 1, the decoy cowers. At level 2, he waves a pistol around menacingly. At level 3, he prances about while rolling his fists like a boxing leprechaun.



The Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Rebound: Half of an enemies damage to the decoy is reflected back at them.

Upgrade B

Buddy: Charging up creates a duplicate of yourself to fight by your side for a short period of time.

Upgrade 1

Medic: Half the damage ealt to the decoy is returned to you as health.

Upgrade 2

Distraction: As long as a decoy is in effect, you are invisible to all splicers unless you attack.

Upgrade 3

Resurrection: Charge up and cast on a dead enemy, it will bring them to life, and they will follow and defend you until they re-die. After death, they turn to ash so that they cannot be re-resurrected.

Upgrade 4

Suicide Decoy: When the decoy is about to die, it runs at the nearest enemy and explodes.

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