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The research camera. A device that allows you to make sure the game doesn't get to difficult to handle without using up all your ADAM. I didn't like the camera in the second game, because it's entire performance was about making sure each time you attacked, you used a different weapon, plasmid, or style. I hope you like this one.


The camera looks like the one in the picture, except you don't get the lamp thing until you get the upgrade "Flash Bulb".


  • Film: Allows you to take pictures that research the enemy. Limitless ammo.
  • Sensitive Film: Gives better scores at the cost of harder difficulty. You can hold 15 pictures.
  • Accurate Film: Less of a score, easier to use. You can hold 15 pictures.



At this point "Original" should really be self explanatory.

Upgrade A

Flash Bulb: Gives more accurate pictures.

Upgrade B

Zoom: Allows you to research from a distance.

Upgrade 1

Bright Bulb: Getting researched blinds any enemy for 10 seconds.

Upgrade 2

Focused Bulb: Gives better research scores.

Upgrade 3

Triple Lense: Allows you to fully research 3 enemies at once.

Upgrade 4

XRay Scan: Using the camera heals you a little bit.

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