And now for my favorite weapon, the shotgun! With this extraordinary device, you can turn a living, breathing "human" into a pile of ground beef with one shot. The idea behind this weapon is the fact that the only thing I don't like is the small clip and long reload that comes with the shotgun. One incarnation of this weapon was something like an AA12, one was something that was like the combat shotgun in Fallout 3. Then, as a bit of a joke to myself, I thought of a shotgun that can hold only 1 shell at a time but with virtually no reload time. And here it is.


This device looks a lot like the flare gun in the picture, only with a larger barrel and without that second barrel inside the bigger one. Reloading is accomplished by slamming a shell into the front of the gun and getting your hand out of the way. It takes about a half second to reload at the drawback of having only one shell in the clip. Here's the ammo:


  • 00 Buck: Standard ammo for the shotgun. You can hold 30 shells
  • Phosphorus Buck: Medium-Rare ammo that when shot into an enemy, burns and melts it's way through them for a few seconds dealing serious damage to non-armored enemies and paralyzing them with pain. You can hold 15 shells.
  • Nano Buck: Rare ammo. A recent invention from the Brainiacs that when shot releases a cloud of Nanites that devour their way through an armored enemy dealing massive amounts of damage, and causes them to stagger back in surprise. No effect on fleshy enemies. You can hold 15 shells.



Basic Version.

Upgrade A

Clip Upgrade: Adds a large revolver mechanism to the weapon that triples the amount of shots you can fire without reloading.

Upgrade B

Pressure Boost: Shells deal double damage.

Upgrade 1

Genetic Scanner: Aiming down the sight shows a small screen with a motion sensor on it, showing all moving enemies within 25 feet. It ignores enemies that aren't moving..

Upgrade 2

Smart Choke: Doubles Range

Upgrade 3

Thunder Shells: A small light on the side of the gun tells you how electrified the shells will be. Dim light adds a mild shock. Wait five seconds for it to light up brightly and it will electrocute a low level Splicer in one shot and stop a Big Sister in it's tracks.

Upgrade 4

Spine Shatterer: A shot to the back is instant death for fleshy enemies, quadruple damage on armored enemies.

Would you kindly comment on my page. I want to hear what you think.

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