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The List

As BioShock 2 is coming ever so close, the thought of order came to me.

When everybody's had their experience, they'll want to add it to the wiki. But in order to prevent random editions to various categories, or edit frenzies, I thought some kind of list would be in order. A list mentionind the various new additions and who'd like to tackle them.

  • Story - Me
  • Levels (Walkthroughs) Will
  • Businesses - Me
  • Characters - Me
  • Plasmids (Strategy) - Will
  • Tonics - Sledge
  • Weapons (Strategy)
  • Enemies (Strategy) Will
  • Audio Diaries
  • Radio Messages
  • Announcements
  • Items
  • Multiplayer (Character specific perhaps)
  • Other stuff

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