I sure hope I won't run into any trouble here, this is my first attempt and it would seem like my only chance. Thanks to my perseverance, I have been able to enter in the posh section of Rapture. It took some time, but I'm here now. I've been looking for people who could help me out, but so far, I haven't been able to find anyone. It seems the people I need are some important figures.

TitleStarting Out
Speaker User:Freezing Mike
Level Welcome to Rapture.


Mike: Succes, at least for now. Mingling in with those people wasn't too hard, just needed to put my friendly face on, albeit for a long time. Although I'm nowhere near finished...

Brenda: Get outta here !

Mike: Eh ?

Brenda: I told you to get outta here.

Mike: Brenda it's me, Mike...

Brenda: Oh, I didn't recognize you there, sorry I yelled at you. Gotta keep those bums out you know.

Mike: Don't worry about it... Pfff I hope I can find someone who can help me get further...

Location: Kashmir Restaurant.

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