Even a guy like me has to go out and get some food. I figured I'd go to the Farmer's Market, have a look what's on sale today. Some new stores had appeared. I went over to the new cheese stand, since he had a special offer. Richard didn't seem to be too hapy about that.

I picked up some meat, fruit and veggies as well, and took a stroll around the several shops.

TitleMystery Woman
Speaker User:Freezing Mike
Level Farmer's Market

Transcript: Phew, done shopping, can't wait to get my appartment. I'll take a nap and start making din... Hey fellas, this woman dropped her groceries and you didn't bother to help her? Lazy bastards. Here, let me help you miss. That's that, I'm Mike, and you are...?

Location: Farmer's Market, on a table near the tree.

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