rapture arms dealers are mammoth stores located around rapture....they sell offensive as well as defensive plasmids that are on sale (which means there could be a new plasmid for sale every time you enter the store). for sale also are gene tonics, some have been advertised in bioshock 1 and 2, like slim down (makes you run faster jump higher ect..) rejuvena skin tightening tonic (inproves lign of sight) and the ati TB tonic (reduces enemies health greatly when around you). they also sell discount ammo and weapons.there are also a few weapons for sale for an obnoxious price, that are so rare that they are'nt even listed in the weapons list of my main blog. if one of these stores were to be robbed (which is possible in this game) you would recieve high amounts of cash (there is no cap on the amount of money you can carry) but it is extremely hard to rob because there are guns lining it's walls.

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