i was playing through BioShock 1 the other day, and i thought, wouldnt it be cool if you could play the game before the civil war commenced. it would be cool because you would be able to see rapture the way it was meant to be. in this version of bioshock, the player is not bound by rules, they can do anything... literally ANYTHING.

The game would include locations like

  1. welcome to rapture
  2. medical pavillion
  3. neptune's bounty
  4. arcadia
  5. farmer's market
  6. fort frolic
  7. hephaestus
  8. apallo square
  9. olympus heights
  10. point prometheus/proving grounds
  11. adonis luxury resort- the hotel rooms at the adonis are the players safe house (the cops can't come in) (but they can if you have an extremely high wanted level, in which case they will break down the door and enter. there is a hidden air duct for emergency escape
  12. ryan amusements
  13. pauper's drop
  14. siren alley
  15. fontaine futureistics
  16. minerva's den


  1. rapture stadium
  2. rapture radio HQ
  3. rapture arms dealers
  4. city council complex
  5. zeus gymnasium center
  6. hermes shopping complex
  7. city of rapture industrial park
  8. hera's hospital
  9. iris's park (iris is a minor greek godess of the rainbow)
  10. rapture desalanation plant
  11. "down town"

NOTE: ALL levels can be revisited

NOTE: each of the levels act as districts. (each are connected without the use of a bathesphere or loading screen.)

NOTE: the AI's in this game would not be hostile unless provoked.


  1. colt m11911 pistol
  2. mosin nagant rifle with optional scope
  3. mg40
  4. bowie knife
  5. .357 magnum revolver
  6. baseball bat
  7. flame thrower
  8. browning automatic rifile (B.A.R.)
  9. rocket launcher
  10. gun that launches white hod metal rods


  1. electro bolt
  2. incinerate
  3. winter blast
  4. teleportation
  5. cyclone trap
  6. telekenisis
  7. sonic boom
  8. target dummy
  9. insect swarm
  10. gravity well
  11. hypnotize


an unnamed citezen is imprisoned in persephonie penal colony for a false accusation of treason. once he is released because of bribery with adam he returns to his penthouse in the adonis to find his family viciously murdured. the player must engage in 100 reletively short missions to find the killer and avenge his family's death.

please comment and criticize!

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