As some of you probably don't know, NECA is ending their BioShock 2 line with the Splicer figures. I was kinda hoping some life could be put into the line, especially since it is BioShock, so my plan is for the next few months (hopefully) to probably make a few figures and some scaled items, including a Rapture-like background to interchange some of the items on walls or the ceiling. Plus, I have some additional figures and parts that could be useful for it. I may be a nerd for doing it, but I'm a BioShock fan.

Easy-grade figures & items (I.E. repaints or simple things that take less time to make):

  • Alpha
  • Fiery Brute Splicer
  • Gene Bank
  • Health Station
  • Orderly Brute Splicer (with The Family butterfly badge)
  • Plasmids (jars & abilities)
  • Power to the People (vending machine)
  • Security Camera
  • Sigma

Medium-grade figures and items (I.E. just like easy, but might have more detailed work to do):

  • Andrew Ryan bust
  • CIrcus of Values (vending machine)
  • El Ammo Bandito (vending machine)
  • Eleanor Lamb ( in Big Sister Suit)
  • Gatherer's Garden (vending machine)
  • Little Sister (classic)
  • Little Sister (robotic)
  • Little Sister Vent (Hidey Hole)
  • Security Bot
  • Simon Wales ( with Spliced & non-Spliced head )
  • Vita Chamber
  • Weapons (fully upgraded)

Hard-grade figures and items (I.E. just like medium, but making it actually articulate):

  • Alex the Great
  • Andrew Ryan
  • Brigid Tenenbaum
  • Frank Fontaine (ADAM-generated)
  • Ghost
  • Jack
  • Lancer
  • Plaster Splicer
  • Rumbler
  • Sander Cohen
  • Turret
  • Unmade Splicers from BioShock and BioShock 2.

If anything gets made, I'll link it. Otherwise, don't hold your breath if this becomes too much of a empty promise procrastination project. Hope this turns out the way I planned it.

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