I've noticed that since BioShock Infinite, a lot of people are getting confused with BioShock and it's development studios, especially since it's a lot of explanation to correct.

After a year of reading mislead comments, here's a summary of how some mislead gamers are with BioShock 2 and Infinite: When BioShock 2 was released, it was thought that Ken Levine had something to do with it, especially the DLC. When Infinite's announcement was released, people assume that BioShock was always made by 2K and not Irrational, and at the start, thought Irrational was a new company, and was ruining the franchise with throwing the name into a random game. Now with the new trailer for 2K Marine's Xcom, people are blaming or defending BioShock, all because 2K loosely advertised the game with "From the creators of BioShock". You could go on to either 2k or Irrational's forums, or even some of these blogs, and you're more likely to find someone writing a misleading complaint. So I'm wondering; Is 2k misusing the BioShock name to confuse gamers, or are gamers misinformed about who made BioShock?Evans0305 04:42, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

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