On 08:27 of August 15, 2010, I made my registration to BioShock Wikia. For the most part, I love BioShock. Love it so much, that I always try to find everything about BioShock. From online articles, to exclusive photos, and even collect every figure NECA made. However, I always wanted to see what's more to know of BioShock, and with my luck, I found this Wikia. But I didn't start off as a contributor, or as a unregistered contributor, but as a spectator. For a year and a half.

You see, I was use to reading through information about BioShock, that reading these articles was enough for me to enjoy. I use to stop by every once a month to see what's new or updated. But around the time I finished playing everything in BioShock 2, I felt like I wanted more from it. When I heard about a 3rd BioShock about to be announced, I was exited, but to my surprise, the next BioShock was in Columbia, not Rapture. After a couple days, I realized that of all this time spectating around the Wikia, I never for once contributed here. So it was then that I made my registration to BioShock Wikia. It was hard at first, especially trying to get use to the Wikia format, But within that time, I slowly got use to editing the Wikia, and felt that even with some rocky starts, I did manage to know and respect the Administrators and Users.

Since then, I've created and edited 201 articles, included 199 videos and images, met 26 users, and this will be my 31st Blog. Hopefully, I'll make more edits, contribute more images, and add more useful Blogs to the Wikia. Thanks to everyone here on the Wikia. Evans0305 03:26, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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