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August 15, 2010
  • Evans0305

    Irrational Games just announced on their Facebook page that not only will there be a new feature trailer counting down in less than 10 days, but who they'll feature will be up to your vote. The choices are separated into 3 parts: Elizabeth or The Songbird, Zepplines or Sky-Lines, and Handyman or Motorized Patriot. Hurry to their page to cast your vote here.

    On a side note, preorders for NECA's Sky-Hook replica prop (retail value $79.99 + S&H) are now available online through various video game retailer sites.

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  • Evans0305

    After months of "going dark" from the public with their first announced delay, Irrational Games has returned to promote some new info about BioShock Infinite.

    On IGN, it was announced today that Irrational Games will publish the Art of BioShock Infinite through Dark Horse Entertainment. The book will feature a introduction from Irrational Games' Ken Levine, and a look at the designs of the citizens and enemies of Columbia, along with the arsenal of Vigors and weapons. The book will be released after the release of the game.

    Note: had shown a alternate cover (now removed) that originally mentioned Nate Wells contributing an introduction with Levine, but its uncertain if that will be included by the book's release.

    Also, if you remem…

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  • Evans0305

    it was revealed at both E3 and Playstation's Facebook page that one of the new playable fighters for Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale was the Big Daddy Bouncer from BioShock (along with Nathan Drake from Uncharted). The Bouncer is the first multiplatform character confirmed in Sony's attempt for a crossover fighting game featuring Playstation's iconic characters.

    UPDATE: On the July 16th episode of X Play, a hands-on preview of the game, reveals that besides the signature drill and dash moves, will also allow Plasmid abilities Electro Bolt and Incinerate! (which despite being an ability for an Alpha Series, is a first for the Bouncer). A finishing move was briefly seen, which appears that the Bouncer floods the level, instantly drowning othe…

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  • Evans0305

    Just saw this when going to the forum posts of Irrational Games:

    Hello everyone,

    This is a very important message concerning the Irrational Games forum. Please make sure you read this very carefully as this is applicable to All MEMBERS.

    During the next couple of weeks, the Irrational Games forums will be joining the 2K forums and we want to make sure that this transition happens as smoothly as possible.

    Here are some things we recommend you do to ensure your account has a seamless transition:

    • Verify that the email address you have on file is correct and valid. To do this, make sure you’re logged in to the forums > My Account > Settings (under Basic Info) > Account Email
    • To those who have a registered account on the 2K forums,…

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  • Evans0305

    Even though the big announcement for BioShock fans was that October 16th of this year is the official release date for BioShock Infinite, that didn't end there. On last Wednesday, X-Play concluded their episode with what's to come for next week, with this message: "We got an exclusive trailer for BioShock Infinite..", which at first, I thought it was just something to relate to the release date. But on their site, they reveal details that there will be "an exclusive look at a new enemy and weapon in BioShock Infinite ". Although Irrational Games has yet to say anything about it, its been some of the talk around the forums, and on Tuesday's X-Play revealed that the trailer will premier on this Wednesday's episode. With that said, let's hope…

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