Well, I've never blogged here before, mostly because I'm not too known here. I'll have a go anyway.

I'm writing this about the event recently held down in New York by the folks from 2K. Entitled "Splicers Unite!", members of the "Cult of Rapture" were asked to go to Pier 54 in New York; Saturday at noon. That was virtually everything. No specifications, descriptions. Zilch.

I actually think the air of mysteriousness we've all come to know and love from these marketing events is a key factor in who goes. We had a kid from Canada go on an 8 hour bus ride to get to this event - this event that told us NOTHING about what would happen.

I learned that he saw the event as worth it, as most did. But I'm glad he did, most of all. He even got an extra gift for his efforts. Jealousy ensued, but what are you going to do?

I saw it as a really fun trip as well (I'm not a New York local), and I thought the event was a cool little thing for the marketing crew to do, considering that the only thing they're really obligated to give us is a video game. Everyone's favorite Community Manager showed up, as well as some hired event planners to get everyone excited and organized. In case you didn't know, the event was a costumed "Subject Delta" and his Little Sister on a New York street, providing us with some awesome photo opportunity. Also, there was the swag: Exclusive Cult T-Shirts with its regular logo on the front, and the famous hand-print butterfly symbol on the back. This was also packaged with a shot of Red Bull; I guess because some got up early? It's still sort of a mystery.

Also, while there, I'm not sure I have EVER felt the numbness in my hands that I did that day. I couldn't even feel myself holding my camera. My hands actually shattered after I got the video footage. XP

Well, instead of giving you an elaborate background on my history at the Forums, I'll just tell you that I try to be mysterious and elusive. I think I have a firm reputation there because of these methods! :P

Because of this strategy, I found myself lurking at the event. I saw numerous forum members and they didn't see me! I really found it quite funny. As to why I do this - well, I don't want to damage anything I've built up on the forum. I'm positive that they're all extremely nice in real life, as they are on the boards; but I think I'll keep my identity at least partially hidden for as long as I can. That'd be; until February 9! :)

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