• Epstein CoR

    Splicers Unite!

    December 7, 2009 by Epstein CoR

    Well, I've never blogged here before, mostly because I'm not too known here. I'll have a go anyway.

    I'm writing this about the event recently held down in New York by the folks from 2K. Entitled "Splicers Unite!", members of the "Cult of Rapture" were asked to go to Pier 54 in New York; Saturday at noon. That was virtually everything. No specifications, descriptions. Zilch.

    I actually think the air of mysteriousness we've all come to know and love from these marketing events is a key factor in who goes. We had a kid from Canada go on an 8 hour bus ride to get to this event - this event that told us NOTHING about what would happen.

    I learned that he saw the event as worth it, as most did. But I'm glad he did, most of all. He even got an extra …

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