• Electro Bolt


    Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Army

    Rast & Gasser M1898

    Luger P08

    Webley-Fosberry P14

    Astra 900

    Browning Hi-Power P35


    Astra 600

    Makarov PM

    Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

    CQB Weapons:

    Colt Lightning Carbine

    Winchester M1901

    Browning Auto-5

    Remington M10

    New Itacha Double

    Bergmann Schmeisser MP 18/I

    Suomi KP-31

    Thompson M1928A1

    Sten Mk II / Austen

    CZ Model 26

    Infantry Rifles:

    Fusill Mle 1886 M93

    Martini-Enfield Mk II

    Arisaka Type 38 / 44 / 97


    Fedorav Avtomat

    Savage Model 99 .300 Savage

    Mannlicher Stutzen M1895/30

    M1 Garand

    MP 44


    Auto Rifles & Hand-held Machine Guns:

    Lewis Gun Mk I

    BAR M1918

    Nambu Type 96


    FG 42-2

    Machine Guns:

    Vickers MG Mk I

    Nambu Type 92 "Woodpecker"

    ShKAS MG

    Browning M1919A4

    MG 42

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