=Idea's for Enemies in Bioshock 3 =

Now I now everybody has some type of blog like this.But just so you know: I don't have a lot of ideas, so give out your ideas whenever you want, I have three idea's for enemies in Bioshock 3.I first posted these idea's as comment's.

Sibling Splicer: Two types:Melee or guns, both have all of the abilities of a Big Sister just not as effective and 1/10'th the health.Melee types have basic thug weapons, upgrade at mid point to duel antique samurai swords.Gun types pack just pistols but upgrade at midpoint and use guns that range from a tommy gun to a grenade launcher.

Apocolypse: it would essentially be a (VERY costly) varient of the Rumbler ; It has a huge shoulder mounted Gatling Gun and has a giant hook on the left hand,and will toss a different mini turret for the type of combat, (a machine gun ,RPG or a flamethrower mini turret) VERY heavy armour, very slow.The elite version is a complete opposite in terms of armour (it has as much health as a normal bouncer) and boasts a shoulder mounted grenade launcher ,but along with RPG's it can also shoot proximity mines (which is what it usuallly uses to set traps for any thing stupid enough to try to inturrupt a gather)uses a drill instead of a hook on the left hand it uses the same variety of mini turrets just like the normal version.And both are INSANELY smart which why they deploy turrets or mines before a gather and their war cry's are so much louder they can stun splicers alone by that.They are always encountered with an Auger.

Auger: Uses giant twin hooks like the slow pro.It is VERY fast but very weak.There is ALWAYS One auger that accompanies an apocolypse ,Elite Version has twin drills and one always accompanies an Elite apocolypse.In other words because of the increasingly power full splicer attacks they had to make very powerful Big Daddy duo's that complement each other to take care of the threats.

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