this is what i think what whould be good for bioshock 3

Ripper: twice damage than bouncer 2 drills 15 times times stronger than bouncer.

Rocketeer: shoots 2 RPGS at once 4 times more armor than rumbler same damage throws armor piercing miniature turrets

Elite version has 1 elite Gunner reguler has 1 reguler Gunner damage increased elite by 60% turret damage increased by 70%.

Gunner: wield armor piercing Machine gun miniature eletric turrets 30 times more armor than alpha series 3 times more damage than alpha series elite version damage increased by 50% miniature eletric turrets damage increase 60%.

Flamer: carries Chemical thrower twice the size 4 times stronger than Rosie 100 damage

elite version 50% more health 50% more damage


Berserker: 2 times more damage than brute 2 times less health weak to antipersonal machine gun rounds.

Sureshot: wields 2 pistols 3 times more damage than leadhead 5 times more health than leadhead weak to 1 rivet in the head other whise 23 rivet shots opponent fast.

Speeder: has splicer cocktail made of aero dash and houdini wields wrench or pipe oppenent fast and stealthy 1000 health.

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