• Dava4444

    Hi WWW people!  

    A rumor is often misheard or misunderstood.. or re-imagined. System Shock is an IP 'believed' to be the scfi-reversal-twin to Bioshock, from what I gather System Shock's theme, is; when AI goes quite mad. Bioshock being Steampunk retro-futuristic, dirty dank realism that we loved, of a charismatic genius. and SystemShock, .. from the Demo alone.. a world gone wrong. 

    We are not getting another Bioshock.. if ever.. for another 5 years at least, so fans i imagine will flock to Nightdive's SystemShock..what will this be? The KS has now closed, but my copy is booked. I hope they make both Bioshock and SystemShock the twins they deserve to be.. not because they are.. but becuase the fans yearn for it. I wrote before on this subje…

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  • Dava4444

    Hi WWW people.

    I have had a lot of time to digest the first episode, as I completed it and then left for the philippines for three months of which I am at the end of my stay. ..and with the news that Irrational are downsizing, I wanted to share some thoughts.

    I want to extend a old tale told around campfires (mixing desks), from musician to musician, be careful! you might not like the monster you create, it stalks you where ever you go, the knowledge that you can never escape what you have created. Do the fans own YOU if you are successful?? flip NO!! do they own a small piece of what you created? ..yeah i think they kinda do.

    I am very pleased with the albeit short journey into 'pre-rapture Rapture'. a slice of cake and a smile, is this a bi…

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  • Dava4444

    Hi all the people who stumble on this WWW page.. and decide to read.



    I'm a big Bioshock fan.. you probably are too seeing you're here on the wiki. My main games are: GTA, Bioshock, Fallout .. maybe Portal should be in here too. I went OTT with Borderlands 2 for not a main game & racked up 400+ hours. 

    So what did I think..? I completed Bioshock Inf. in under two days. not the month long adventure i had in Rapture.. each one.. a month long..why? is it because they are longer games.. i have no idea.. sometimes such things are based on the talent of the player for combat..but one thing is true.. throughout both games.. i was captivated by the idea of Andrew Ryan.. the Geniuses of Rapture.. the politics and dram…

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