• Darkman 4

    I've seen some comments about what EVE and, by extension, Salts are. Wiki says that EVE is modified ADAM, but my opinion is that it's actually your character's ability to focus to project Plasmid/Vigor powers.

    It's basically something carried over from System Shock 2. In System Shock 2, your magical abilities were from psychic powers. Like in Bioshock, you had a certain amount of points you could use before you could no longer use PSI abilities. To restore PSI Points, you could use PSI Hypos. To quote the System Shock wiki:

    "The psi hypo contains a potent cocktail of tension relievers, dopamine inhibitors, and circulatory stimulators. The Surgeon General has warned that psi hypos can be habit-forming and dangerous to your health."

    Basically, …

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