"The Hell is that thing?! It's not a freakin' Spli- SHIT!!" - Dark Swarmlord

Research Bonuses

Level 1- Damage +

Level 2- Elemental Plasmid Damage is increased by 20%

Level 3- Damage ++

Level 4- Angel's Blood Gene Tonic

Level 5- Damage+++

Affinities and Weaknesses

Weaknesses: melee attacks, fire, electricity, ice with Anti-personnel rounds (elite only).

Strong: plauge, swarms.

Immune: Gravity Well, Telekinesis, Necronis (resurrection).


Wraith Splicers are the most unnerving of all the Splicer subspecies. They are tall, skeletal figures, having absolutely no fat and almost nought muscle tissue. They have long fingers and limbs, and sometimes have white, psychic flames sprouting from random parts of their chest (roughly where their heart sits) and their backs.

Attacks and tactics

These enemies will summon a psycically imbued white ball of flame and cast it at the player, which has limited homing abilities. If it hits the player recieves moderate fire damage. They will also slash at the player if they come too close. They might look frail, and melee atacks will harm them badly, these guys can shrug off Anti-Personnel rounds easily, so it would be a waste of ammo using it against them. Fire, however odd it may sound at this point, hurts them quite badly, as well as being electrocuted. The flames make them partially resistant to plague damage and swarms, and makes them immune to the effects of Plasmids that move matter (Gravity Well just sucks the flames in, excluding the ones cast by the splicers, which is more then what Telekinesis can claim: both the fire and Splicer are immune to the impotent TK Plasmid).


After reaching the half way point things get considerably worse. The Splicer's fireballs are faster, and more accurate. New Elite Wraith Splicers also comes out into the field. These new creatures have gone far beyond what the Crawlers and Houdinis have done: the new Elites are grotesque floating killers whose legs have degraded into oblivion, and their coxixes (the human equivelant of a 'tailbone') have elongated to long whip-like tails, although they never actually use them for combat. They fly around the place and can cast three flaming orbs at their enemies. They also have degraded to a point where their chest has wasted away, and you can see the fire within. It's possible to freeze the fire, leaving you with two options:

A) you pummel it with Anti-personnel rounds. The damage multiplier is in effect while the ice is still there.

B) You can grab the ice and fling it back at your aggressor, or anyone else who might stand in your way. The block of ice is also affected by Gravity Well.

Either way, the Elites have twice as much health, but aren't encountered as often.

Happy Hunting!

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