"Here I thought, 'I'm gonna be safe'. Why do I always have to be wrong?" - Viatrix


Viatrix Stallard is the protagonist of BioShock: Redemption. She is a 17-year-old girl who lives with her parents.

Like everyone at college, she tries hard, has good grades, and half the boys have their eyes on her, including Alfie Pepall - the class bully. Viatrix despised Pepall's predatory nature more than anything, and several times witnessed him picking on those younger than him with four or five of his mates. Deeply disgusted with the "filthy pig", the girl's only stain on her educational record was being expelled for violently attacking Pepall after he tried to flirt with her.

Infuriated with her superiors, and her view of the world set askew, Viatrix listened as her mother suggested the family take a boat trip she had been looking at in the paper, much to her daughter's dismay. After some preperation and several baths, the Stallard Family left for their trip.


Throughout the game, Viatrix fights against the Splicers as she tries to escape the island. Along the way, she meets the leaders of the Splicer Factions, the Little Sisters and their Protectors, and the violent Big Siblings. How she deals with them is up to the Player - Viatrix can batter the Splicer leaders to a pulp, rescue the Siblings, and leave without killing any of them. Or she can execute the leaders and gather all the ADAM she can. How She acts towards the leaders, Sisters and Big Siblings all counts toward the ending, and whether or not Pepall lives...

I'm gonna stop here. If you want Alfie "Filthy Pig" Pepall to have his own blog, say so.

I am loving this girl :) But what do you think so far? I realize it's short, but I want your opinions. Thank you.

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