"What's wrong? Don't you like us?" - Female Vampire Splicer

Research Bonuses

Level 1 - Elemental Vampire Gene Tonic

Level 2 - Damage +

Level 3 - Dire Speed Gene Tonic

Level 4 - Damage ++

Level 5 - Meditation Gene Tonic


Weak- Anti-personnel rounds, plague

Strong - aura

Immune - swarms

Appearence and tactics

Rumoured to be the original residents of the numerous brothels that prospered in Rapture, Vampire Splicers are long-limbed and pale, much like the Spider Splicers. The Vampires are equipped with long flensing claws twice as long as their finger's original size. Moving faster then anything their size, these effecient hunters dive into their target and land a flurry of shredding blows. A Vampire's direct physical damage allows them to heal with the same amount of harm they cause. Because this form of combat is fairly underwhelming, due to their low strength, they make use of a Gene Tonic that allows them to hit any potential foes with aura damage. This creates a sheild against enemy aura attacks, and acts as a repellent, forcing insects and spiders alike to avoid them at all costs. However, due to their genetic make-up, the liquidic Plasmid Plague has a negetive effect on the Vampire Splicers: it seeps into their liquid-absorbing skin, causing them to rot from the inside out. This is one of the reasons why they declared war on the Saint's Gaurd (in all honesty, it wasn't even a proper war, not that either side would back down in the near futre anyway).


After the halfway point these fleet-footed foes will hunt in packs of three, and will move noticably faster when one is left of the trio. Security also need a couple of extra seconds to sound the alarm when they spot a Vampire.

And that concludes the Vampire Splicers. Opinions?

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