"Brothers and sisters! This one uses the Giant's gift against us! Our Masters protect us, Scomunicare! In your death, purity shall be RESTORED!!"

Unkown Tundrideon


The Tundrideons are, what can be considered as, a race of ice-wielding Houdini Splicers. They seem to belive that they are in touch, and are gifted by, the giants that reside in Treachery - The Ninth Circle of Hell. They also think that anger is an impure force that brought Rapture's downfall, and both are represented as flames in their works of art. Naturally, this made them an enemy of the Fire Wardens, and most other Houdinis. Regardless, they think that anger is evil, and succuming to it is punishable by death, even for the merest hint of a Tundrideon being slightly pissed off. Their Shamans are stronger then the others, and are incredibly nasty with their attacks.



Weak: Fire, Anti-personnel rounds

Strong: plague

Immune: swarms (they just die out)

Absorb: ice


Weak: Fire

Immune: plague, swarms

Absorb: ice


These foes will act like normal Houdinis, except with ice blasts. The Shamans (who are partially ice themselves) are tougher, and have an extra attack: they can fire ice at the floor, causing the player to loose traction. The ice will melt after a minuite and a half, and will cover a fairly wide area (depending on the difficulty - not so wide on easy, to most/all the room on the hardest mode). The Tundrideons can walk over the area without difficulty. Other Splicers can't, and can slide arond with amusing effect if they are caught unawares. Which, admittedly, is usually the case.

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Aknoledgements to Willbachbakal for creating an inspiring Winter Blast upgrade.

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