"Oh Holy Mother, reliever of suffering, avenge our brother's death..."

Grael, Keeper of Blood.


The Saint's Guard are an unusual force of Wraith Splicers in Rapture. They are the embodiment of Plague, little more than shrivelled corpses, seeping with corrosive venoms and diseases. Despite this, they are incredibly talented artists, and many paint scenes of a drepraved valley filled with diseased corruption, looking as if that was where they came from. There is a heirachial system, but since their belief in their Saint and her "blood" is so strong, there is absolutely no friction between them. Recognised by the green flames and red cloaks they wear, they often have vials of Rank Liquid on them.


Warriors: Numerous and dangerous in groups.

Emplagued Ones: Easily recognised by their masks, which look like the gas-masks in use during the Black Plague, these foes go by a different name in the ranks. The medical force.

Plague Holders: Elite Wraiths that look like ballons. Killing them results in an explosion of plague-water.

Keepers of the Blood: The most powerful of the Saint's Guard, these three leaders are unique, in that they "actually practice what they preach". Grael, Galthun and C't'n (Cuh-tun) can be considered brothers in almost all respects.

Artisans: Non-hostile foes seen painting a few times. The only ones allowed to paint the saint in question.



Immune: Gravity Well, Telekinesis

Absorb: plague


Weak: electricity, fire

Strong: swarms

Emplagued Ones:

Weak: electricity, fire

Strong: swarms

Plague Holders:

Weak: fire

Strong: electricity

Immune: swarms, bullets

Keepers of the Blood:

Immune: swarms, electricity, bullets, Hypnotize.


Warriors: The rank-and-file soldiers will use the same attacks and abilities as their "non-believer" counterparts, except that all their attacks do moderate plague damage. The fireballs are a little faster, too.

Emplagued Ones: Exactly the same as the Warriors, except that they can - and will - use Plague on their opponents. They'll also use this to heal their comrades, and are quite good at it, especially in numbers. Emplagued Ones put their masters first, leaving all the others to die.

Plague Holders: Treat them as you would a normal Elite, but be warned: once dead, they explode, showering the area in envenomed acids. They leave no loot, either.

Keepers of the Blood: Tough to beat. They have higher health, and have spliced in one of the Dire Series Gene Tonics each, making them a considerably formidable trio of enemies. Fought one at a time.

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