Amanda and Emily Jones were twin sisters, and residents of a brothel in a rougher part of Rapture. During the war, they were forced to splice, feeling that it was the only way to get out of the hell around them. They managed to escape to a hideout with their "regular customers", whom they fell in love with. Martin Rimmer was one of Rapture's elite, and went to the brothel soley for Amanda. Emily grabbed the attention of a Gallagher Lightowler, who worked odd jobs in the city. All four eventually devolved into over-protective, murderous Splicers who would gang up on anyone at the slightest hint of hostility.


The twins are a pair of Vampire Splicers who look like mirror versions of each other. The pair are quite thin and scantily clad. When infuriated, their veins glow red.

Rimmer is a smart-dressed Leadhead who wears a pinstripe suit and weilds his own unique, personal machine gun. The fire that comes out of his body when his "family" is attacked seems to be connected to his ire...

Lightowler wears green and blue clothing, complete with a matching "demon" mask. The Houdini has a visible aura: yellow when attacking generally, red when enraged, and green when befriended.

All their clothes are torn and bloodied, due to their combined paranoia.


Amanda/Emily Jones:

Weak: Anti-personnel rounds, plague

Strong: aura, standard rounds, fire

Immune: swarms

Martin Rimmer:

Weak: Anti-personnel rounds

Absorb: fire

Gallagher Lightowler:

Weak: Anti-personnel rounds

Immune: plague, swarms

Absorb: aura


Amanda/Emily Jones:

The twin sisters will try to attck from different sides, usually at the same time. If one is attacked, she will run off while the other violently hacks and slashes until either her sister is at a safe distance, or until she is fought off.

Martin Rimmer:

Once Amanda is at 50% health Rimmer will appear. This guy will wait for the girls to get clear before firing at their target from a safe distance. The bullets he uses do more damage than a standard round, and do separate, additional fire damage. The fire damage doubles when Rimmer is enraged.

Gallagher Lightowler:

After Emily has 50% health left Lightowler will come to the fight. He will stay invisible until the Vampires give him a clear veiw of the target, then flings a barrage of auric and plague-ridden projectiles at his foe. Arousing his ire causes him to fling both at the same time in one attack, causing moderate aura and plague damage.

Note on Hypnotize: if you use the basic version of Hypnotize, then these enemies will count as being enraged.


Amanda Jones:

3 First Aid Kits

Dire Defence Gene Tonic

Emily Jones:

3 EVE Hypos

2 Auto-hack Darts

Martin Rimmer:

40 Anti-personnel Rounds


Gallagher Lightowler:

Crawling Disease Gene Tonic

Audio Diary - The Saint

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